Thursday, September 16, 2010

Books Currently Available

Here is a list of links for books that are currently available:

Hurricane ($5-$9.95) (Kindle)

7 Principles to Guide You to Success in 7 Dimensions of Your Life ($7.77) (Kindle)

Here's a list of what's coming, REAL soon!

Gemini (collaboration with J. Cartier) - Oct. 5th
Diamond's Reign -  Nov. 23rd
Amaya's Gift - Feb. 2011

There's more where that came from so stay tuned! Here's how you can link with me for more information:

Web Site

As always, thank you for all the love, support, and prayers you flood my way! Your energy fuels me to keep growing and keep going! You truly are appreciated!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gemini Pre-Sale Has Started!

How dare I forget to mention this?!

Gemini, my collaboration with author J. Cartier, is now available for pre-sale. Simply pre-order your copy for $9.95 at The novel will be released on October 5th. The trailer can be viewed at YouTube! Make sure you reserve your copy of the HOTTEST NOVEL OF THE YEAR!!!


Going Purple for October!


I have something really serious to discuss. October is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month, and anyone that knows me personally knows how PASSIONATE I am about stopping domestic violence. With that being said, I have an array of events that I'm planning for the ENTIRE month of October. They are still in the works now, but my YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Web Site, and Blog sites will ALL be purple for the month of October. I'm asking that all of my fans join me in supporting the prevention of domestic violence. It's not just women that are affected; children and even men suffer at the hands of someone they love. This is just another effort of mine to put a stop to the madness. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge, and let's put an end to domestic violence...PERMANENTLY!