Friday, October 15, 2010

Welcome to my Pixel Project Paint It Purple blog party!

Hello fans/friends!

Thank you for attending my Paint It Purple blog party. The purpose of this event is to shed some light on domestic violence and ways we can stop it. I will post a blog every half hour with information you can use to help either yourself or someone you love get out of a DV situation. I will also share my experience with DV and how I got out. There will be a lot of posting going on! Feel free to read and comment on them all!

Also, as I stated in the video, I will be giving away a Paint It Purple Gift Basket full of goodies. To enter, simply email with your name, age, and why you feel DV needs to stop. It doesn't have to be an entire essay...sometimes the less words used the better.

Finally, please remember that ALL ROYALTIES made from sales os Hurricane today will be donated to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence! I have a personal goal to donate $100 minimum this month! Please help me reach that goal! Simply make your purchase on one of the following sites:

Books ordered from the last two sites will be personally autographed by myself. This is a cause i am VERY passioinate about. It's time to become aware of the problem so we can find a solution...together!

The postings will begin soon. I can't wait to hear your thoughts! So let's get this party started already!!!