Thursday, December 30, 2010

Changing for the New Year!

2010 was definitely an...interesting...year!

Not that I regret one single thing that occurred in 2010, but honestly it did open my eyes to who I am as a novelist, a motivator, and a woman overall! I have grown in ways that were scary, uncomfortable, and downright shocking! Yet I am GRATEFUL for every lesson that was taught; for if it weren't for those lessons I would not be able to grow to the next level.

With that said, things will be vastly different in 2011. I'm going to give my ALL and then some to my craft, my readers, and all those that I come in contact with! I have truly transformed this year, and even though I'm not done I can feel the difference in my personal and professional life already. I am open to receive all of the abundant blessings that God has for me in 2011...and I'm open to giving even more! This year is going to be EPIC! More books! More blogs! More projects! More fans/readers! More growth! More expansion!

As I always say...let's GYIT it!